About Yan

Yan is a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.  He is also the director of Helix House, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Oxford.

As an Osteopath, he works primarily using the gentle techniques of Cranial Osteopathy integrating Visceral and Structural methods where needed, to help people in a variety of situations.

“The most important thing that we do when we work together is to listen carefully – not just to what a patient is saying verbally, but also what their body is having difficulty communicating.

Working together, with each patient in this way allows internal conflicts both hidden and obvious to be reconciled and integrated, and this allows the natural resilience and healing capacities of each patient to act to their fullest potential.”

In addition to formal training as an Osteopath, Yan has spent over seventeen years training in depth in Qigong and Meditation, learning to directly experience how the physical body is affected by its qi (energy) and by the qi of thoughts and emotions.  Through this experience of working directly with the body, emotions and thoughts, Yan has developed an integrated, holistic approach which enables him to best understand each patient as an individual and support their needs.

Yan has particular interest and experience in the treatment of long-standing and complex conditions, including severe physical trauma, and the effects of psycho-emotional trauma and chronic stress, on the body’s natural healing capacity.