I have been seeing Yan for several months. He has treated me for back pain and exhaustion. His work is extraordinary and extremely effective. His wisdom and humour shine though all that he does. I have recommended several friends to see him and all have reported back positively. I would recommend him to anyone in need of cranial osteopathic work.”

– J.M., Oxford

I visited Yan with ongoing issues I had following a shoulder injury and operation from 10 years ago. Although I had had some good physio this had not been able to fully sort the problem.

I am a paddlesport coach and use my arms and shoulders a lot. For the last year I had been having ongoing mobility problems and pain in my left upper arm/shoulder and was finding it difficult to paddle, especially when I had to put any weight on my left arm such as when pressing down to get back onto my stand up paddleboard. Yan explained that following the operation my arm had forgotten how it was attached to the rest of my body, so any knocks it took were isolated to the shoulder, rather than dissipated further. Following a course of treatment my arm now feels much more connected, the pain has gone, and I am able to paddle white water again confidently. This realignment of my body has also had the additional benefit that I can now hike for more than two hours without my lower back going into spasm.

I highly recommend Yan to anyone who has issues with long term recovery. Yan is a very caring person who works with you to understand and rectify your problem, whilst also taking time to explain what he is doing and why. He has a very detailed understanding of how a body works and treats you in a very precise but also holistic way.”

– L.R., Oxford

While visiting UK on a holiday that summer, a good friend recommended me to visit Yan. I had never visited an osteopath before, and Yan turned out to be one of the best healers that I have worked with. After only a few sessions with him my back and right ankle were much better, my right shoulder became less painful and my body became more integrated when I moved.

Yan is also a kind and accepting person. I must thank him again for his kindness and patience in helping me through my recovery. I still always make time to visit him when I come to UK, every healing session with him have been tremendously effective and helpful for me.”

– G.K., Bangkok

“I originally approached Yan with shoulder pain which I had been suffering from for over a year and was getting worse. Yan used a combination of gentle touch and body manipulation over a number of weeks and it took very little time for me to begin to notice the difference. Since receiving treatment from Yan I have suffered very infrequently from shoulder trouble and when it does reoccur I am aware of a little discomfort but I no longer feel any pain.

Yan works holistically and though I approached him for help with my shoulder, he has also done a lot of work on my lower back and other areas where I hold tension. Most significantly, Yan is a very accepting and kind person and, as a psychotherapist in training, I have felt that the combination of his body work and bedside manner has been immensely healing. I would highly recommend him to anyone but especially to those in caring professions who need additional support due to the demands of their jobs.”

– S.E., London

“To be perfectly honest I did not have any high expectations before my first appointment with Yan.  I had been suffering from a very persistent and debilitating prolapsed disc for almost three months.  Private medical insurance and a long list of specialists had not only been ineffective – they had made my back worse.

Where other specialists despaired because my back problems did not conform to the textbook, Yan listened to what my body was trying to tell me.  He was then able to respond accordingly and help my disc heal.  In his very gentle way Yan has shown me that it is not my body’s fault if I am treating it badly.

I have finally been able to return to my rather stressful job in the City.  Whereas before I absorbed all the stress around me I am now possibly the most relaxed person in the office – thanks to Yan and much to my colleagues’ envy.  I highly recommend Yan and, having experienced firsthand what he can do, trust him completely.”

– E.B., London

“Having known Yan for some years now I have seen him develop from a student of Osteopathy to a practitioner. I have received treatment from Yan on a chronic problem with my knee. Yan only needed to give me one treatment and I haven’t been back since as the problems have abated entirely.

What I find most useful is the fact that Yan not only treats but seeks to educate the patient by giving an explanation as to what he is doing, how he does it and methods we can take to prevent the problem from arising again. Somewhat of an unusual approach as in some way he is putting himself out of business! I have no hesitation in recommending Yan.”

– T.G., London

“Yan was recommended to me by a friend as I had been having bad knee pain for more than 2 years.  Initially, I was a bit sceptical; the doctors I saw for the last 2 years had been saying that my knees were injured and nothing could be done apart from avoiding painful activities. Thus, I was very surprised when only after my first session with Yan I was already feeling a lot better; I could definitely see the difference in the way I stood, walked and sat. In only two more sessions with Yan, I could go back to living my life as it was before I injured my knees – I could jog, take the stairs, sit down, and stand up without feeling the pain anymore. Yan listened to what my body was telling him and it worked.

What I particularly valued was the time he took to explain to me the methods that he uses and to give me some invaluable tips and techniques on stretching, walking, standing and exercising.

I would definitely recommend Yan. He is a great osteopath and it works – I promise you. I truly believe that Yan can cure any mechanical problem and I am very thankful to him for giving me my knees back.”

– P.P., London

“I have been doing various martial arts over the years, but have found all these exercises had taken their toll on my body. Prior to treatment,  I would find that it wouldn’t take me long before my left leg would tire out when standing or walking for long periods of time as my psoas on my right side was shorter than my left as a result of training poorly.

After the initial treatment, I decided to walk instead of my usual cycling to work. I found that my left leg felt a lot warmer than usual due to better circulation.  Since then, I have found walking and standing easier and my legs feel a lot more connected to the rest of my body.

I would recommend Yan to anyone as I have found the treatment has been highly effective and feel more balanced than I have in years.”

– A.W., Cambridge